Unique + Antique Brooches with Photos

Golden Flower Brooch | Unique + Antique Brooches

I have a deep and dear appreciation for brooches, especially the type of brooches that have their own sense of uniqueness and character. My antique brooches are my most coveted ones because behind them, there’s history, a fascinating story even.  There wasn’t a period of time where I saw people wearing brooches with their everyday attire, … Read moreUnique + Antique Brooches with Photos

A Collection of Antiques From A Southern Home

Antique Brass Serving Tray | A Collection of Antiques in A Southern Home | ELVYDARIO

Define an ‘Antique Collector’ With intense admiration and passion for the thrill of curating beauty from history — treasuring the ‘things’ that make it to our time — whilst simultaneously manifesting a history for a future generation, one would have a stumbled on an individual defined as an ‘Antique Collector’. Where Is Your Go-To Place to Score Antiques? Thrift stores. Why? … Read moreA Collection of Antiques From A Southern Home