The Fox and the Farm Story with Photos


“Listen to what the Forrest Giants say when they speak to you,” begged the Wise Owl as she perched upon the tree top, forgetting that her young Fox was stories below as she continued on, “you must not forget that those Trees have been here much longer than you and I, my dear.” Fox couldn’t help himself — … Read moreThe Fox and the Farm Story with Photos

A Collection of Antiques From A Southern Home

Antique Brass Serving Tray | A Collection of Antiques in A Southern Home | ELVYDARIO

Define an ‘Antique Collector’ With intense admiration and passion for the thrill of curating beauty from history — treasuring the ‘things’ that make it to our time — whilst simultaneously manifesting a history for a future generation, one would have a stumbled on an individual defined as an ‘Antique Collector’. Where Is Your Go-To Place to Score Antiques? Thrift stores. Why? … Read moreA Collection of Antiques From A Southern Home

Alabama: A Southern Treasure

Alabama: A Southern Treasure | ELVYDARIO | the lifestyle blog

Alabama: A Southern Treasure Respecting the Life of the Dead “Pull over,” Lily said as she sat alert in the passenger seat, “there’s a funeral coming through.” A police vehicle leads — followed by Fords, two-door pickup trucks, and mid-size sedans with their riders dressed in all black — couldn’t help but to reciprocate the respect … Read moreAlabama: A Southern Treasure