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Meet Your Blogger | About the Editor | ELVYDARIO | the lifestyle blog.

Meet Your Blogger

About the Editor of ELVYDARIO


I’m Katoria, editor and founder of ELVYDARIO.COM. I recently left the ideal career to pursue this dream with every single cent that I had to my name – and that was the easy part!

For the past 6 years, I have built and manifested visions of someone else’s dream, and so now will build my very own empire for people like us – with your help of course.

For My Readers

I couldn’t be more excited that you’re here. This new lifestyle blog is our chance to contribute to our society – one amazing article at a time. My best experience is in writing (freelance and professionally), along with blogging, fashion and beauty, and overall wellness. My promise to you guys is that I’m here to share what we all go through so that we can help each-other be the badass, successful, loving women that we are!

For My Partners

If you are interested in collaborating with ELVYDARIO, your new favorite lifestyle blog, please contact me via e-mail at partner@elvydario.com!

I have a lot of amazing content, how-to’s, along with my journey through this process right here on ELVYDARIO.COM — with so much more in store!

My current goal is gathering more content – a lot more. If you have original content in the categories below, I want to feature your content (it can be a video, text post, image) along with a profile image, company/individual name, and link(s) with optimized meta-descriptions and tags leading right back to your site!

I am all about supporting others in their success and I would love to build a professional relationship with you to continue our growth together!

If you have a better suggestion for us to better increase our web traffic, please don’t hesitate to tell me and we’ll make the necessary adjustments to make everything as smooth as silk.

I appreciate your time very much, and I hope to work with your soon.


Thank you kindly!


Meet Your Lifestyle Blogger | ELVYDARIO | the lifestyle blog. Katoria D. Grissom
Editor & Founder of ELVYDARIO.com